About Us

The Geology and Mining Department established during the later part of 1968 was entrusted with the task of carrying out mineral exploration and establishing the mineral resources in the State with the ultimate objective of their development for socio-economic benefit of the people of the State.

The important minerals discovered so far include Petroleum and Natural gas, nickel-cobalt-chromium bearing magnetite, limestone, marble, coal, clay, slate, dimension and decorative stones building materials etc. in various parts of the State.

The search for mineral deposit in the State of Nagaland had a very late start. Although the western part of the State was partly explored in early twentieth century mainly in connection with the search of energy group of minerals, its middle and eastern parts remained completely unexplored till the inception of the State Directorate of Geology and Mining in late 1968.

Basic Functions of Department

i. To search, explore and establish mineral, raw materials available in the State with an ultimate objective of utilization for socio-economic development of the people in harmony with natural ecology.
ii. To undertake various geo-scientific investigations for rural and urban development, civil construction, hydel project etc.
iii. Mineral management, exploratory mining, liaisoning with other exploratory agencies in the State.
iv. Effective enforcement of the Nagaland Coal Mining Policy and Minor Mineral Concession Rules.
v. To explore and develop ground water resources.