1. The indenting party/individual must write a letter to the Department addressing the Director, for construction of tube well.
  2. After which the Department will depute Technical officers to carry out the feasibility study at the  site.
  3. Detailed Terms & Conditions are as follows:-


  1. The indenting party will be responsible for provision of approach road up to the proposed tube well site for transporting drilling rigs & equipment. If the tube well site is on private land, the indenting party should provide “No Objection Certificate” to carry out the drilling operations. No claim on account of damage of land, crops, etc. or compensations for any damage during drilling operation will be entertained by this department.
  2. The department will require suitable accommodation for the Drilling staffs/open spaces for storage of POL, spare parts, pipes, gravel, etc. in the area of operation. The indenting party should either provide such facilities or assist DGM in arranging provisions.
  3. The DGM does not give any assurance with regard to the yield and quality of water from the tube well. The indenting party should indicate the requirement of water, well in advance for guidance of DGM and different chemical constituents of water acceptable to them, if any.
  4. The Department will provide well assembly of either M.S or PVC blank & slotted pipes of various diameters, depending on the availability in the department. The indenting party may be allowed to arrange materials at their own cost in case of non-availability of materials at DGM store.
  5. The design of tube well as determined by the DGM will be final. The indenting party should depute a responsible officer to work in close liaison with the officer-in-charge so that any additional requirement of materials or decision needed may be sorted out on the spot. He should also be present on behalf of the indenting party at the time of final pump testing of the well. The tube well should be taken over by the indenting party as soon as final test is completed by paying the final bill.
  6. The depth and diameter of well assembly will depend on the depth of aquifer zones/geo-structures and its yield to be decided after completion of pilot hole of desirable depth.
  7. DGM will render no guarantee to complete the work within the estimated amount and stipulated time. However, a well to a depth of 100 meter bgl is expected to be completed within 5(five) days from the date of commencement of actual drilling by DTH drilling Rig and 2 (two) months by Rotary drilling Rig in valley/Plain area.
  8. The strata samples as well as strata charts showing details of well assembly lowered will be furnished to the indenting party along with the geo-hydrological parameters and necessary recommendations for operation of the well while handing over the well.
  9. The tube well will be developed by the DGM, until all finer particles are free from the water and assured up to the tolerable limit of turbidity.
  10. The actual expenditure incurred including service charge of rig & machinery, POL & operational expenses will be realized from the indenting party at Govt. approved rates, which may vary depending on depth and diameter of the well.
  11. The indenting party should pay Rs.4.00 lakh in advance while submitting acceptance of the terms and condition through Bank draft in favour of Director, Geology & Mining, Dimapur, payable at SBI, Dimapur. The indenting party should pay the balance amount of final bill against the well within 7(seven) days after the final bill is submitted by the department and take over the tube well. The expenditure incurred on the preparatory works and pilot hole drilling from the advance so received under “POL & operational expenses” will not be refunded in the event of failure or discontinuation of drilling of the well due to technical failure or reasons beyond the control of the department. The final cost of the tube well will vary depending on depth and diameter of the well assembly finally constructed and developed as per depth of aquifer zones encountered during pilot hole drilling.
  12. The final bill along with the notice for handing over of the completed tube well would be submitted or communicated by the department minimum 7 days before handing over of the tube well.
  13. The DGM shall not hand over the tube well to the indenting party till the payment of final bill is received and the department will not hold any responsibility in the event the well is damaged due to unseen reasons or chocking of the well due to non-operation. The indenting party will be held responsible and will have to pay the full amount of the final bill in the event the tube well becomes defective/damage during such period.
  14. After final handing of the completed tube well to the indenting agency/party, the department will not be responsible for its operation, damaging of well due to excessive/over pumping beyond the prescribed limit, natural calamities like earthquakes, flood etc. however, the department may take up necessary repairing works of well defects on payment basis subject to availability of drilling rig & equipment, if requested by the intending or user agency.
  15. The indenting party/user agency may seek for clarification, in case of any doubts with regard to the above referred terms & conditions from the DGM Office before acceptance of the offer.
  16. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Director, DGM will be final.






Sl. No

Type of Drilling Rig

Total amount


DTH (Down-the-hole) Drilling Rig



Rotary Drilling Rig