Drilling Section

Inspection by senior officials-DGM-12-1 unit_1

Purpose of drilling is to search, explore and establish the presence of minerals/materials in the State for socio-economic development of people.

qualitative and quantitative aspect of mineral deposits are ascertained with help of drilling data.
largest technical section in department in terms of number of manpower.


  • Joint Director = 1
  • Drilling Engineer = 4
  • Assistant Drilling Engineer = 8
  • J.E.(Drilling) = 10
  • Drilling Assistant Gr-I= 14
  • Drilling Assistant Gr-II=39
  • Rigman= 40
  • Foreman= 2
  • Mechanic Gr-I=4
  • Mechanic Gr-II=6
  • Mechanic Helper=9
  • Welder=4


  • Groundwater sector
  • Mineral sector (Diamond Core drilling)


  • Construction and development of deep tube wells under exploration and deposit works
  •  Started in mid eighties in valley areas of Dimapur
  •  Extended to hilly areas with procurement of DTH rigs
  •  Covered all districts in first phase
  •  Propose to extensively cover villages and towns in next phase


I. Rotary drilling rig = 2 units
1. DGM-11(LMP make)    2.DGM-15 (Kores Failing make)
II. DTH drilling rig = 2 units
1. DGM/W-16(DTH) (Ingersoll Rand make)      2.DGM/W-18(DTH) (KLR Industries make)

III. Diamond Core Drilling rig = 5 units

1. DGM-12/1                    2. DGM-13/2                       3. DGM-14
4. DGM-17                       5. DGM-19


  • To establish quality & quantity of mineral/material deposits
  • Drilling core samples are collected for further studies/analysis
  • Many core drilling works were undertaken

Diamond core drilling machines are compact, designed primarily for mineral prospecting and foundation testing.
The drilling rig consists of four basic parts and can be disassembled into these parts to facilitate transportation in
hilly terrains and where there is no motorable road . These four parts are the powerful Hoisting Drum, a four speed transmission which provides a wide range of hoisting and drilling speeds, a sturdy structural steel base
frame and the power unit. The drill is powered by High speed diesel.